Monday, August 29, 2011

My Experience On Gaming. (Black Ops)

First I would to start off by saying I don’t care if you hate me or anything but this blog is how i feel Upon Some things .
I decided to make this a blog because I really open’ed up to ( Crazy Aka ET00880 Owner of Trinity Studio’s and a Good Friend of mine)
First to Start off I want to thanks Proph and Ms,Laser for giving me a Chance for MLG Dallas.
MLG Dallas was coming up pretty quick I was playing with a team Call AoN (All or Nothing) I really enjoyed playing with them And everything we were winning and everything but I guess I wasn’t there right fit which is understandable. Which that comes to leave me 1 week before the event without a team I tried out for many teams some teams I didn’t want to join and some I wanted to join such as aoX (art of eXecution ) , That was leading up to Monday (3-4 days away from the event) I get a call On skype From Saber & Proph and they asked me if I want’ed to join I said Yes of course , After that one of our players Dino Lost power for the rest of the week we played maybe once as a team before MLG Dallas We  end’ed up playing pretty well I Think placing 24th, We lost to Resistance ( who end’ed up placing 2nd) So I wasn’t to down about that , We got knocked into the Loser Bracket Which Led up to us getting knocked out by Team Envyus on Round 6 , I Couldn’t really get upset or anything about that game because we tried oour best just got out-played . We finished MLG Dallas as 24th you may or may not think we would stick together but the team was Just a short term thing , I kinda was wanting to keep playing with them but hey things happen but to move onto MLG Columbus , I was leading a Team Called Domino Effect we went through 2 roster changes then found our main prime roster which was a good thing but then PSN (Playstation Network) Went down for about 3 weeks , so no one really had much prep time knowing MLG Columbus was 3 weeks away when PSN came back up . When PSN did come up Blackouts & Lethality Told me they didn’t want to go to the event and didn’t want to compete and yes I was pretty pissed off I mean who wouldn’t be . But then I met Ghost now known as Spectre we looked for 2 and then picked up (conCealed and GoldenboyFTW) We were looking pretty good online the first 3-4 days we played together then everything just fell apart But it was to late to look for a new team for the event so I just went with the flow and went to MLG Columbus With Domino Effect (Spectre,Concealed,Goldboyftw) We didn’t place where we wanted we didn’t even place i think if we did we got Low 40-45th pretty bad , but it was fun while it lasted .
Now to move onto MLG Anaheim I Picked up Proshot,Trust & Miyagi we scrimmed a whole lot feeling really great about our play style but then miyagi got a speeding ticket which put him low on money to attend anaheim So he couldn’t attend which leads up to Me having to pick fixing my truck or go to MLG Anaheim with a last min pick up Of course I picked fixing my truck and ended up screwing Proshot and trust over which im sorry about It was a pretty selfish choices of me to do that .
Lets move onto MLG Raleigh I stuck with miyagi We picked lethality back up after he told me before MLG Columbus he didn’t want to compete anymore and we Picked up JUHGEE aka JuHGaNoMeTrY , We played farily well together we beat some good teams loss to some bad ones But hey it’s a learning process . As we Moved closer to MLG Raleigh We found out about COD Xp Which is head through Public Matches Who ever could get the most TDM (Team deathmatch) In 24 hours - 48 hours We played that (me,Miyagi and juhgee) We placed 3rd or 4th in the first one, We felt pretty good about the next few but then the 2nd got canceled and 3rd & 4th one our account got disabled for no reason at all , So we Kept trying to play at the event we Contacted A4V ( Aim 4 victory) And see if they could help us get there I never found out the answer from them . So We ended not making it there (well me and miyagi anyways) Then a week later was MLG Raleigh We decided Not to attend because of the COD Xp .
“I mean shit, Yeah I tried my ass off to be the best but if you look at it now its hard to become the best when the best is already at the #1 spot by a long run , and if i even attended events again which i still plan on it because for the hell of it , but if i played ill have to place T10 both Events (Orlando & Providence) to be considered pro and being considered pro isnt my focus its just having people know me and repesct me and come to me for advice i want to be the person people can rely on and what not , but me just saying it doesn’t mean anything i have to do it which i want to so bad but i always get stuck in Bad situations Such as ( a team mate not able to attend or something) the past 2 events (dallas and columbus ) I had no prep time really with my team yes dallas was great for me because i played with aoX i use to always want to be on that team and we played well for never playing together and what not but its just so hard to even over-come where i want to be” .
I’m not posting this for anyone to feel bad for me or anything Just wanted to let everyone Know !
Well thanks for reading If you have any thoughts on it or want to make a comment feel free to.
Anthony “FaTaLiTy” Andrade

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